Katılma tarihi: 24 Tem 2018


Hello fellow student, isn’t it fantastic that you found me here! (:

Get ready for story time.

I was born in a little Aegean town and raised by my beloved parents Filiz & Kadir. With my younger brother, Kıvanç, I started fighting crime in our neighborhood and helped poor people. Meanwhile, I sewed superhero clothes at nights with Kıvanç. When the time came, I needed to discover other places in this downtrodden world and moved to beautiful İzmir to learn more about English Language and Teaching at Dokuz Eylül University. I lived in the United States and Estonia for a while. I wanted to travel more but needed more money for that, then I started teaching at School of Foreign Language, Dokuz Eylül University. At Dokuz Eylül University, I met a lot of young beautiful minds but still, I decided to find Neverland, Finland. I moved in Helsinki, Finland. I taught the English language to Finnish and Swedish students, traveled north, watched Nordic Lights, haunted and ate reindeer, dived in frozen lakes, skied, wrote a novel, learned some Finnish language and tasted Mämmi. After a year with snowstorms, I came back for my military service in Turkey. For a year, I worked at Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Vocational College of Turkish Army in Balıkesir. Despite my herculean shooting skills, I decided to move back to İzmir. Since then, I have been teaching at School of Foreign Languages at Yaşar University. Nowadays, I am forcing my students to record video homework, teaching them how to use Twitter as writing practice platform and using every means available for my colleagues to use Google for Education. I have been a member of rock/metal band called ‘Baraka’ since 2003. I have an unpublished novel waiting for an edit.

Most importantly, I am living happily after with my angelic girlfriend, Berçin and adorable cat, Pırtık.

Yes. That’s me! What about you?

Öğr. Gör. Sefa Kırlı

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